The Importance of Being Coachable

As a young soccer player, it is important to start building habits that will help you reach your maximum potential as a soccer player. One of those habits is being coachable. I should first explain what being coachable is.

A player who is coachable is someone who is humble, team-oriented, respectful, and driven.The coach is the coach for a reason, and that is because he/she has a lot more knowledge about the game of soccer than the player does. It is the coach’s responsibility to share and teach everything that they know about soccer to their players, and it is the responsibility of the player to be willing to listen and learn what the coach is saying.

As a soccer player, it is important to trust and understand that every decision your coach makes is always in the best interest of the team. That means that even if you disagree with what your coach is doing, you should never publicly criticize or talk back to the coach. Because as long as you are on the team, the coach has final say on who plays where and how much each player plays. And if you openly question your coaches authority, you will only makes things worse for yourself.

Soccer is the ultimate team game so if one player is being disrespectful towards the coach, the rest of the teammates will start to think that you care more about yourself than you do about the team. This type of behavior will destroy team chemistry, and that will show on the field as the team will most likely not be getting the results that they would expect.

If you are not willing to learn from your coach, then you will not be able to develop as a player as quickly as those who are willing to listen, which not only hurts the team but also puts yourself at a disadvantage. A coach is always gonna want to spend his/her time and attention on the players who are coachable and willing to listen and learn. So if you are one of those players who is coachable, you will be able to develop as a soccer player at a much faster rate.