How to be a Leader on Your Soccer Team

Most people think that if you want to be the team leader on your soccer team, then you have to be the best player on the team as well. Unfortunately this common misconception has resulted in less talented soccer players shying away from any leadership roles among their teams. You do not have to be the most talented or smartest soccer player to be a leader on your team!

There are many different ways you can be a leader on your team. There can also be more than one leader on a team. Some players are leaders on the field, while others are leaders off of it. Some players like to lead by being vocal, and others like to lead by example. You can be the least talented player on your team, but if you consistently work harder than all of your teammates in both practice and in games, you can inspire the rest of your teammates including the best players, to match your effort which benefits the entire team as a whole. My point is that EVERY SINGLE PLAYER HAS SOME LEADERSHIP QUALITIES! But it is up to you as the player to understand what qualities those are and to help use those qualities to better the team.

No matter what type of leader you are, all leaders share one common trait, and that is that they set an example for the rest of their teammates to follow and inspire them to be the best players that they can possibly be. So what kind of leader are you?